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By May 6, 2019EO

For many entrepreneurs, the future of cryptocurrency looks bright. 2017 was the year of bitcoin and cryptocurrency frenzy, with a decline happening in 2018. However, many enthusiasts are still believers.

On December 12th, 2018 over 50 business owners met to discuss the exciting future of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. The event was sponsored by EO Orange County, an organization that supports entrepreneurship and business innovation.

The event organizer and Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) member Harold Tan has been an avid fan of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency since 2012, and in 2014 he managed the world’s first solar panel installation via Bitcoin. He also manages the largest Linkedin group for Bitcoin OTC trades.

He likened the growth of the blockchain to the adoption of the internet during the mid-1990s: “In the 90’s the internet had very few use cases but massive potential. There was a dot-com boom and crash. Today everybody uses the internet even if they don’t understand the underlying technology. We see parallels in blockchain’s societal impact, financial cycles, and widespread adoption by the layman.”

The evening hosted a variety of cryptocurrency experts in a panel format. Topics discussed during the event included the blockchain technology itself, the process of mining, taxation challenges, regulation, security, and how the future is going to be influenced by cryptocurrencies.

The consensus from the event was that being part of an innovative community is of huge value for crypto enthusiasts. Access to important information and emerging trends helps everyone keep on top of the industry as it evolves.

After the success of this first event, Harold believes that there is potential to grow the community in the future. “The response to this first event was very positive. We are definitely looking at making it an annual event moving forward. Thanks to EO for hosting and bringing such a great group of people together.”

Today’s entrepreneurs are supporting each other as they grow. Founded in 1987, Entrepreneurs’ Organization is a Global business network of 13,000+ leading entrepreneurs in 181 chapters and 57 countries. Through mentoring, education and local networking, they are helping each other thrive. The EO Orange County chapter is a group of like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs who support each other towards greater levels of success.

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